What is the DateVoy game?

Games can be used for many things - entertainment, education, science. Can they be used to find partnership? Let's put it to the test. Gamevoycolor.com is me putting myself out there, in a tiny gamified format, hoping to reach like minded potential partners.

Who made it? How?

The game was made by a pair of good friends: Voy and Marta. The game is written mostly in JavaScript (for backend) and HTML and CSS (for frontend), with tiny bits of PHP (mostly for a persistent game state). Note, that Voy is more of a python dev than a JavaScript one. In fact it is his first non-trivial project written in JavaScript (thank you Drew Conley for your tutorials!), thus it surely has a lot of bugs.

How can I contact you?

The game provides a way to contact Voy, however if you are not a person looking for a partner, but instead want to contact the creators you can do so at devs@gamevoycolor.com.


The game does not use any form of cookies or other tracking methods. It keeps your current game progress based on the automatically generated personalised link. All in-game messages are encrypted before storage. You will have a choice whether you are willing to share your game progress or keep it anonymous.